TMS Strategic Profile

TMS International Corporation is the largest provider of outsourced industrial services to steel mills in North America as measured by revenue and has a substantial and growing international presence. We offer the most comprehensive suite of outsourced industrial services to the steel industry. Our employees and equipment are embedded at customer sites and are integral throughout the steel production process other than steel making itself. Our services are critical to our customers’ 24-hour-a-day operations, enabling them to generate substantial operational efficiencies and cost savings while focusing on their core business of steel making. We operate at more than 80 customer sites in 13 countries and our global raw materials procurement network spans five continents. Over the past 90 years we have established long-standing customer relationships and have served our top 10 customers, on average, for over 30 years. Our diversified customer base includes 12 of the top 15 largest global steel producers.


Recent News
Aug 11, 2017

TMS International Corporation (formerly known as Tube City IMS Corporation and successor to TMS International Corp.) (the "Company") announced today that holders of approximately $242,800,000...

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