Ethics Contact Information

TMS International Corporation has an exemplary reputation for doing business with integrity and according to the highest ethical standards. Employees are expected to conduct business activities in accordance with these standards of ethical conduct, as well as in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
Consistent with our Ethical Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies, every employee is responsible to report suspected fraud, theft or other illegal conduct. TMS International encourages employees to report all questionable activities to their supervisors.
Additionally, TMS International maintains an “Ethics Hotline” phone number and e-mail address to provide employees, customers and vendors with mechanisms to anonymously report ethical concerns or alleged violations of law or our internal policies, including concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters. Calls and emails to the Ethics Hotline are answered by an unrelated third party provider to maintain the highest level of confidentiality.
TMS International will promptly investigate all reports of violations and implement corrective action as merited. Users of the Ethics Hotline will have the option to remain anonymous, and will be encouraged to provide a complete description of their concerns, including company location, names of people involved and timeframe, to facilitate the Company's investigation of the reported matter. TMS International does not permit retaliation of any kind against any employee who in good faith reports ethical concerns or violations or who participates in the investigation of such allegations.

Ethical Hotline 24-Hour Anonymous Reporting Methods:
Phone: 1-877-938-0008 English speaking USA and Canada; Spanish speaking North America 1-800-216-1288; Outside North America: 1-800-603-2869.